gaydar fail, gaydar win:

so, these two conversations happened this week.

1) Alacrity and Dr. Treaphine (an ER doctor), discussing a case:

Dr. T:  "Hey, is that puppy going home now?"

A: "Yes! He's doing really well. He's gonna wait with his owner while I finish his discharges."

Dr. T: "Awesome! I'm glad to hear it. (glances around, drops voice) Hey, you know...his owner is this really cute guy [wink] - I think he might be married, though."

2) Alacrity and Dr. Nell (radiologist), during an ultrasound:

Dr. N: "Alacrity, you went to vet school at the University of Awesome?"

A: "Yup! It was fantastic."

Dr. N (ultrasounding the dog's abdomen): "Oh, wow - check out this mass. You're gonna make these owners cry. (pause) Huh. (pause) Yeah, I think this is cancer. You'll need to get some aspirates of this, but we'll need to check her clotting times first."

A: "That sucks. I'll go talk to them."

Dr. N: "Sounds good - let me just see if there's anything else in here. (ultrasounding) So, did your partner move here with you, or does she live somewhere else?"


1st year ECC resident (frantic): "Is Dr. Raeqe placing the chest tubes in that cat? Is she doing it now?"

3rd year ECC resident (glances over): "It would appear that she is."

1st year ECC resident: "Augghh! I told her to page me when she was starting! I will fight for this education!"

3rd year ECC resident (calmly): "You will fail."

fun times in rounds:

ECC resident: "His penis is the most horribly sad thing I've ever seen."

Internist: "I've met your husband, so coming from you that is saying something."

alacrity's internship:

Hi you guys!

I figure internship comics are awesome, so I'm going to give it a go.

Here's my comic representation of myself and my little cat, Pudgy:


Let the games begin!