that's a capital idea:

There's a 5:30 am rush happening in the emergency room. I walk into the next exam room after stabilizing (sort of) several patients who are really sick. This conversation happens:

Alacrity: "Hey, I'm Dr. Alacrity. I'm sorry about the wait. It's been pretty crazy the past hour or so."

Client: "Yeah, you know, when I was in the waiting room, I was thinking, 'These dogs all look much sicker than my dog'."

Alacrity: "Yes, some of them are pretty sick. What's going on with your dog?".

Client: "Well, he just broke his toenail tonight, but it seems to have stopped bleeding. Do you think I can just go to my vet in 2 hours?"

Alacrity: "Absolutely. No need to stop at the desk - have a good morning!"