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Hey Everyone!

I'm Alacrity:

I am a veterinarian, and I work at a university hospital. I used to work at a specialty hospital outside of a large city.

I started this blog while I was in vet school as a way to chronicle the steady stream of insanity and/or awesomeness that is my veterinary education (it continues. never done learning - hooray!) Here's an example:

Picture this - eight vet students dressed in ratty blue coveralls surrounding a long metal table, glancing nervously at a plastic purple tub.  Except for the hum of the heating system, the lab is silent.  Welcome to Sheep and Goat lab.

Our instructor saunters jauntily in, carrying several 2x4s, two hammers, and a box of nails.  She plunks them down on the table, snaps the lid off the purple tub, and starts handing out goat scrotums.


Goat scrotums.

"Nail your scrotum to the board, everyone!  It's time to learn how to do vasectomies."

One cannot fabricate this shit.

At first, I thought I would become an equine surgeon. Now I prefer oncology and emergency medicine.

This is an eclectic blog. Here, you'll find odd stories about veterinary medicine, tips on surviving the experience, and advice on getting in to vet school in the first place. There's plenty of queer content, thoughts on minimalism, living green, and living tiny.



Note: I am not going to give you medical/veterinary advice, because to you I am a random person on the internet and therefore anything I say is suspect. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not a legitimate source of veterinary advice or a substitute for talking to your own veterinarian. All stories have been altered a lot, a little, or completely in order to anonymize everyone in them.