two ambulatory vets in the truck bay:

Clinician #1, singing:
"I love Paris in the springtime!"

Clinician #2:
"Can you move your truck?"

Clinician #1:
"I love Paris in the fall!"

Clinician #2:

theriogenologist, at a calving:

"There's bloody material coming from her rectum?"


"That's less than ideal."


"We're trying to be legitimate with our IACUC protocol this year."

this week, we have:

a visiting oncologist.

She is triple boarded in medical oncology, radiation oncology, and internal medicine. For the non-medical folks among us, this means she spent approximately ten years after graduating from vet school completing three residencies in different fields.

Most veterinarians don't pursue residency training at all, let alone three times.

Unrelatedly, she is a bold and flashy dresser. Today, her bright orange hair is accessorized with rhinestone encrusted combs. She's wearing a fluffy red and black fringed sweater, knee high wool and leather boots, and deep-plum-colored corduroys.

In her spare time, she works at Anthropologie.  'Cause she wants to.